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I Am Thankful

It’s time to count blessings and multiply love.  This post is a list of things that I am thankful for:
-My boyfriend, Mike and my mother Laura for not only being supportive of my transition into veganism, but for joining me on my path by becoming vegetarians in their own time.  Way to go guys- I love you
-My “in laws” for gladly accepting both me and my vegan treats with warm expressions and open minds.
-Support that I receive from friends in the form testing all of the food that I make, going to festivals with me, listening to my new ideas, and for trying all of the funky little restaurants I find online
-My cats, (Lincoln and Mary) for happily trading my meaty leftovers for extra smooches and for loving me no matter what
-That I live in a time and place where fresh, organic produce is readily available and that I am economically able to make these choices
Harms Vegetable Farm and Sugar House my CSA that I’ve grown to love so very much
-The Worcester Public Library for housing a great number of books, especially those on vegan diet, lifestyle, and exposure of the cruelties within agri-business
-My health and how far I’ve come in terms of running ability.  And for my favorite “personal trainer” for sticking it out with me and taking it slow
Loving Hut on Hamilton Street and the kind owners that work there for always being so friendly and helpful when we go in or take out
-Everyday I get to spend on this Earth.  What a wonderful life.