This twist on an old favorite will leave your taste buds begging for more!  I used a thinly sliced piece of ciabatta bread with a hearty smear of homemade peanut butter with strawberries and sunflower seeds…You certainly don’t have to stick with strawberries- it tastes wonderful with bananas and walnuts too!  Get creative with the fruit because the peanut butter is sure to be the main attraction here…


  • A bag full of raw, unsalted peanuts (a large scoop from a bin at your local health food store is your best bet)
  • 1/4 cup Agave

Directions: Are you ready for how easy this is going to be?  I’ve heard that some people roast the nuts in the oven just until golden brown to give a little extra flavor but I wanted to experiment with the raw version first.  Just put peanuts into the food processor and chop away!  After about a minute the peanuts start to stick to the bottom and the sides- that’s how you know it’s getting good.  From there- it’s all about preference.  Remove the almost peanut butter from the food processor and add about 1/4 Agave (or to the consistency you like).  The Agave makes the peanuts stick together but beware- Agave is very sweet so be sure to taste test as you go.  Keep Refrigerated!

Enjoy with family and friends!


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