Inspired by a video that I saw about Rip Esselstyn’s plant strong determination, the only change I made was adding almond extract instead of vanilla because that’s what I happened to have.  I also added a splash of soy milk to make it creamy.  This tasty treat will trick almost anyone into getting an extra serving or two of fruit.  I tried it on my boyfriend and he couldn’t believe that there wasn’t any sugar in it!  Perfect for an after dinner treat… or breakfast… or a mid-day snack…


  • 2 Bananas
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla (or almond extract)
  • 2 tbsp soy milk

Directions: Peel bananas and cut into chunks (about 5 pieces per banana).  Place on a flat surface and put in freezer for about 3 hours.  When frozen, put the bananas in a high-powered blender (I started with my regular blender but then switched over to my magic bullet for more power and it worked like a charm) add extract and soy milk.  Blend to perfection and serve!  It’s that simple!  Enjoy with family and friends!

Yields 2 servings


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