A very quick and easy read- this book was chuck full of information ranging anywhere from the history of veganism, health and nutrition, tips for maintaining, substitutions, lifestyle choices, debunking myths about needing meat for protein and dairy for calcium and also some very shocking facts about things that aren’t vegan because of the refining process (saying goodbye to white, refined sugar for example).  There’s even a recipe section that I made copies of and am saving for future use. 

One of the most valuable take-aways from this book that I was able to gather is that NOTHING AND NO ONE IS PERFECT.  The voice of the book repeatedly tells you to not get down on yourself for making mistakes about products and it reassures you that any moves you make in the direction of bettering the lives of living creatures is worth while.  This was beneficial to me because (especially in the beginning) it’s a lot to take in and mistakes are easily made.  I am still learning the differences between meat and dairy free and vegan.  I also find (with this better understanding) that when I’m talking to other people about my choices I have a much more organized yet relaxed tone about my reasons why and about what I’m working toward. 

Pick this book up at your local library- you won’t be sorry!


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