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Ever since becoming vegan, I’ve found myself seeking out primarily vegan restaurants. (Something I think is pretty normal when making a transition like mine.)  I’ve tried a lot of really great things that I wouldn’t have even known existed and for that I’m thankful.  However, something that I’ve noticed about myself  is my tendency to seek out a vegan restaurant instead of finding options in places that I used to frequent as an omnivore. 

Two chainy-type restaurants have recently come to my attention.  Chipolte and Qdoba have a decent amount of veg friendly options and even better- their websites give a detailed description of what’s in what so there’s no second guesses there.  Check these two out- it’s a great option if you’re eating out with non-veg friends or need something on the go.  So don’t count them out just because they’re not 100% veg- I was happy to re-try these places.

Check out the ingredient listing for Chipolte.

Check out the ingredient listing for Qdoba.