Monthly Archives: December 2012

Year-End Survival


Having survived Thanksgiving and Christmas unscathed and vegan head-stong, I think now more than ever is a great time to think about what kind of difference I’m really making (if any).  Sometimes, the line between what I’m doing and the reasons for it get blurred especially since I took in all of the new veg information at once and have taken a little break from the constant reading and reinforcement.  I think its a great time for a little reflection. 

It’s easy to forget why we do things sometimes because of perceived indifference.  If I don’t think that one little action that I do will have any impact, I may not do it because who cares?  If I alone choose to abstain from meat and dairy, factory farms are still going to exist and the animals there are still going to live a short cruel life followed abruptly by a slow cruel death.  Even though I elect to have tofurkey on my dinner plate and soy milk in my latte, some chickens will never see the light of day or the starry sky at night and some calves will never taste their mother’s milk  because she’s busy being exploited so humans can give it to their children with their mac and cheese TV dinners as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.  It becomes all too easy to feel small and helpless in a world that seems far too big for its own good.  But I’ll tell you one thing- I can’t and I won’t believe it’s all for nothing.

If one act of kindness won’t stop all of the evil in the world, why be kind to anyone?  If one compliment to a friend can’t erase all of the hardships she’s suffered, why say anything?  And if you don’t think that one Big Mac with an Extra Large French Fry all washed down with a supersized Coca-Cola is contributing to the systematic exploitation of the animals that are caught in the system or the lower-income families that rely on this garbage for nutrients because fast food chains are conveniently prevalent in ghettos and impoverished neighborhoods, then eat up right? 

Wrong.  People can make the difference.  You can make the difference.  Your money is your vote and never forget it.  People have died so that we have the freedom to make these choices for ourselves but it’s about time we question what we’ve been told all our lives.  Who benefits from misinformation?  Who profits from your consumption?  And most importantly what are you going to do about it?


Not Just A Face On A $5 Bill


In place of blogging over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been pre-occupied with a sick kitty at home.  He’s finally out of the woods and with some love, attention, and R&R he should be back to his old frisky self in no time.  I’d like to personally thank the Worcester Cat Hospital and Bird Clinic for working a miracle on my little one.  Without their second opinion, this post may have been singing a different, much grimmer tune.  I’d also like to thank Michael for not giving up hope even when there’s little to hope for and for teaching me that miracles do happen.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

I will be back to blogging now that I have space in my brain to do something other than worry and hope for my Lincoln. 


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