(Sistah) Sistah (Vegan)


I’ve begun to delve into A. Breeze Harper’s Sistah Vegan for a more socio-economic perspective on vegan lifestyle.  Her introduction of the first book ever to be about “black female vegans in North America” was moving to say the least.   From what I gather, this is certainly going to be an interesting collection of accounts from women of color on the implications of food in America on culture, race, gender and all the overlaps in between.  I am excited to read on!  I was inspired by a quote in Layli Phillips’ section on Veganism and Eco-womanism and had to share.  Please enjoy with a pat on the back even for the seemingly small things you do in this world.  They count (Layli says so)!

“All movement toward greater harmlessness is of value, regardless of an individual’s starting point.”


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