(ju)ICE (ju)ICE BABY!


Having successfully bombarded myself with a slew of information from the web on (nearly) everything about juicing, not withholding graphic gory details about what happens to you (from the inside out), I was exhausted to say the least.  There are all sorts of cleanses that you can purchase or take with a combination of flushing supplements.  Recipes range from all veggie to all fruit to a Master Cleanse that will rid you of build up you never knew existed.

In Casey Lorraine Thomas’ How to Juice Fast Safely, she explores various questions, for example, why juice in the first place?  Her being an acclaimed Health and Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and co-founder of the Ger Juicy Cleanse as seen on CBS, I found her answers to be easily absorbable (just like the juice):

When you juice your fruits and vegetables, you remove the fiber and drink only the liquid which contains the organic hydration, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes from the plant food. Although you do need fiber in your diet, going for a certain period of time without it will give your body a chance to spend less energy on digestion. 

Around 70% of your energy every day is spent on digestion alone, so when you are eating 3 meals a day plus snacks, you are rarely giving your body a chance to direct energy to deeply cleansing the body and drawing up old acidic waste that is likely causing a whole host of symptoms.  

If you suffer from headaches, constipation, diarrhea, skin troubles, fatigue, irritability, excess weight, bloating or any other number of symptoms, your body needs some help to cleanse. The intelligent application of fasting is a brilliant way of helping you to do this.”

Some boast the effect of a 92 day Juice regiment (one day for all of the 92 elements in the body).  I decided that a 92 day Juice Cleanse may be a little bit out of my league at this stage, but I’m certainly interested in what awaits me for a much shorter, 3 day cleanse.  Some of the materials I flooded my brain with included the Joe Cross Documentary of his Journey, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (available to stream instantly through Netflix which is what I did) where he turned his health around drastically thanks to juicing in addition to a very informative and well put together informational booklet by Angela Stokes, A Juice Feaster’s Handbook

Information on juicing is very polarized with people either shouting it’s praises from the rooftops, or saying that it’s silly to cut out all of that fiber which keeps your digestive system running smoothly anyway.  (And haven’t  I made posts bragging about how much fiber should be in your daily diet?)  I guess Election Day has me in the mood to go back and forth over some really key issues here…  (Laughter from the crowd).  But in all seriousness, see below for a little Pro/Con list that I set up just for kicks. 

Pros: (the Juicing and Raw Food site proclaims) an easy way for your body to absorb nutrients from your food while giving your digestive system a break, you’re ingesting the nutrients from more vegetables/fruits than you could eat at one time, detoxification  

Cons: Livestrong has a section by Corinne Shaw, What are the Dangers of Juicing that explains the drawbacks of juicing.  Among their list is Foodbourne illness, blood sugar regulation (due to quick absorption of the juices), upset stomach, potential weight gain, carotenemia (or an overload of beta carotene found in some vegetables)  

I’m not sure where I stand on the issue, which is part of the reason I’m looking to go on a mini-cleanse.  Well, I guess if I’m trying it then I tend to lean more toward the fact that there have to be benefits that outweigh the disadvantages right?  So be it!  The sugar from fruit certainly isn’t the reason America’s gaining more weight by the minute.   I went out yesterday and purchased my very own Dash Electric Juicer  and went to town this morning making a nice big batch of (what I’ve dubbed) breakfast juice and a lunch juice for the road (I’ve read that you’re supposed to consume the juice you make as soon as possible to avoid the growth of bacteria on your lunch however, I’m willing to chance the 4 hours it will have to sit in the refrigerator).  I’ll make a fresh batch for dinner.  **I think it’s worth noting that juicing is much different from simply using your blender to make a fruit/veggie smoothy.  In a blender, the pulp remains in tact whereas in a juicer the pulp is completely removed.  Therefore, you will not get the same cleansing effect from making batches of smoothies as compared to juices.

From what I can tell so far (and I’ve only just begun my trial this morning) everything seems to be normal with no adverse effects.  My energy level is what it was yesterday when I was eating solids, and although I wasvery hungry around lunchtime, I always am so there’s no real difference there. 

I’m not going into this expecting any life changing occurences.  I suspect that the longer cleanses come with the deeper more physical and even spiritual experience but I see this short one is more of a test for me.  To see if I have what it takes.  They say that the first 3 days are the toughest part of the cleanse and that it’s all downhill from there- we’ll see how this one goes and perhaps there will be a longer cleanse in my future.  At any rate, I’m certainly down for ridding my colon of whatever toxins that rest there. 

I just want to remind everyone that I’m not an expert nor have I sought the advice of a professional on this matter.  I am simply going off what I have read from a plethora of different sources.  I suggest you seek a doctor’s opinion before starting your own juicing regiment to avoid complications.


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