Veg Heads in Upstate NY, Goals, and Farm Stands in the City


We got a head start on the weekend this past week and enjoyed a really nice trip down to upstate NY visiting with my mother.  Through our travels, we made a point to stop at Emmanuel’s Market Place in Stone Ridge which proved to be a friendly small grocery with plenty of fresh produce and a nice small health food section.  (We stocked up on quinoa and made some tasty creations that I posted under recipes).  I was also happy to see that New Paltz remains to be a funky little town with funky little vegan friendly restaurants.  My favorite all throughout highschool (although my menu selections have changed since then) is the Main Street Bistro.  With clearly labeled “dairy free” options available, this place has cemented itself as one of my favorites.  One place that I’d like to check out the next time I’m out there- Rock da Pasta.  A Vegan Friendly sign that hung in their window caught my eye and I was pleased to learn that 85% of their menu can be made vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free- not bad for a pasta place.   

I’ve been thinking about goals lately and what I have to be looking forward to.  Today officially begins my 100% no meat, no dairy diet (although I’ve been moving in that direction progressively over the course of a couple of weeks). The girl in me needed an anniversary date so August 13 it is (penciled on my notebook with a heart around it of course).  More about goals; reading countless accounts on how much energy my plant-based diet will be giving me, and how many athletes have harnessed this power (not to mention that I really feel like I have more oomph and my recovery time after working out is awesome) has me wondering if I’m just in my own head about these things or if I’m starting to believe them because I read that they happen to other people.  At any rate, I’m willing to put it to the test and take my research out for a spin on dry land or at least the good ol’ rocky road.  A 10 mile run is my next goal.  Not necessarily to be able to run it in any amount of time, just that I can clock that kind of mileage in a day would be satisfactory enough for me at this point.  So this morning I started my “training” (which really just means that I woke up at 5:30AM and went for a 2 mile run).  I usually go to group exercise classes at the gym after work so I’m going to see if I can work up the courage to talk to someone about my goal there and see what they suggest as far as a program.  At any rate, this should prove to be an adventure all in itself.  I’m the kind of person that does well with small goals and I can use the added pressure of putting it up here in writing.  Running’s always been kind of a funny thing to me.  Time and again it proves to be the hardest in the beginning (impossible even) but once I get going- I want more.  Here’s to goals.

Also, on the to-do list this week will be going through my shoes and seeing what I’m going to keep and what will be discarded (given to people I know will wear them or donating them) as part of the cruelty-free lifestyle I’m working toward.   I think that starting in the shoe section of my closet will be a step in the right direction. 

A noteworthy discovery: After accidentally finding a farm stand while driving right on Grafton Street last week, I made a point to stop by yesterday.  I definitely recommend for fresh produce at a reasonable price.  1059 Grafton Street, Worcester

A special thank you to my mother and boyfriend for what an easy transition they’ve made this process.  Both of them being open to this shift has made it (and this weekend) that much easier.  All three of us were dairy-free this weekend!


About theveganseed

Once proud omnivore of 23 years, it was never important that I know where my food came from or why it was there. This blog is meant to document my journey as I explore Vegetarianism, Veganism, and all that's in between. Thanks for reading!

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