Pie, Burritos, and the Living Earth


What a lovely weekend!  Having been my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday on Friday, we made a Vegan Blueberry Pie that was very tasty! (see the side bar for pictures and recipe) 

We had gone out to dinner and I’m slowly realizing that it will sometimes be a challenge to order even my favorite vegetarian dishes not knowing how they are cooked (with butter? milk in the sauce/dressing?)  Not having officially switched over to 100% Vegan 100% of the time, I’m still trying to see how much my life is going to change.  Let’s just say that it’s going to be an easier transition at home than it will be out on dry land so to speak.  Restaurants  that have become traditional meeting spots, favorite restaurants picked by friends and family, homemade dinners at other people’s houses are all going to be a challenge.  How to cope?

A happy discovery that I made was right on Chandler Street.  The Living Earth is tucked away behind a gas station right off the main strip where Chandler and Park intersect.  It shares a main entrance with a restaurant, Evo.  I hadn’t checked out their menu until now but I see that they have PLENTY of veg/vegan options that are clearly labeled- I will be trying there soon!  (Back to the Living Earth) – they had tons of alternative cooking options, gluten free options, and vegan options.  With an assortment of fresh veggies, shelves stocked with non-dairy products, and a refrigerator filled to the brim with vegan cheeses, vegan yogurt, and even vegan sour cream- it was an absolute delight to poke around in there.  Adopting variations to the recipes that have been in my family for a hundred years is far more favorable than abandoning them altogether (and honestly I think it will be an easier transition for people like my mother to see me make).  The prices seemed reasonable and I’m looking forward to making the Living Earth my shopping spot!

Burritos were on the menu this past weekend as well (also see the side bar for pictures and recipe).  We made so many that we’ll be munching on them for a few days to come.  I stumbled upon the recipe online and I really enjoyed it.  I’m finding that you can’t go wrong with fresh- even if you don’t have everything that the recipe calls for, all of the other flavors seem to make up for anything that you missed. 

I’m going to the Cape starting this evening for work.  I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in the way of Vegetarian/Vegan cuisine (and since I will be eating out with no kitchen for two nights I should be able to do plenty of tasty research).  It will be hard however, to escape all of the fish options.  We’ll see how I do.


About theveganseed

Once proud omnivore of 23 years, it was never important that I know where my food came from or why it was there. This blog is meant to document my journey as I explore Vegetarianism, Veganism, and all that's in between. Thanks for reading!

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