Heavenly Salad at the Loving Hut


Enter Me: Into a small restaurant on Hamilton Street with only four tables but surrounded by rustic charm and plants everywhere. A light-up Loving Hut sign told me I was in the right place. My boyfriend and I were greeted by a small Vietnamese woman that right away began thanking us for coming and for making the healthy decision to come there. She asked us if we were Vegan and I replied that I was “interested and moving in that direction.” Her expression lit up and she learned our names and helped guide us through the menu. I ordered the Summer Roll and the Fresh Roll with a Heavenly Salad, my boyfriend ordered the Golden Roll and the Healthy Fried Rice. The fridge of help yourself drinks was stocked with plenty of healthy tea and other tasty cold options.

The food came out in no more than 10 minutes and we were delighted to say the least. My Rolls were rolled up in a sort of clear noodle that held all of the flavor and homemade ingredients in. The peanut sauce was delicious and I was able to dunk to taste. The “chicken” on the salad was very tasty and the vinegary dressing complimented the shredded cabbage nicely. The Golden Roll was a fried version of the veggie treat I was enjoying and the fried rice even had little tidbits of tofu “ham.” When we were finished with our meals the lovely woman that was taking care of us (the owner) came back over and gave us a mini vegan cookbook and a panphlet on what Vegans need to eat (nutrition wise) daily.

Upon our exit, she thanked us again and reminded us that we were not alone in our jouney toward Veganism. She told us that we have many friends now. What a great feeling. To have a go-to eat-in/take-out place that’s right around the corner. Leaving, I felt relieved to be reminded that I’m not alone.


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